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1. An Australian yobbo, usually drives around in a Holden Commodore and constantly talks about how smart he is. Negligent of the oxymoron that he is driving a Holden Commodore.
Built to Hitler's specification of the Aryan master race.

2. A person ignorant of the fact that he was named after a woman: Dee-anne, Diane etc.
1. Random Person 1: Hey, look at that guy in the Commodore with the blond hair and blue eyes.
Random Person 2: Must be a Deane...
by Random Person #72 May 13, 2008
A boy who's parents likely wanted a girl called Diane and had to improvise with what they got.
"If we just add an E we could maybe get away with not taking back all the personalized romper suits we already bought."

"poor Deane."
by tintinternet March 05, 2014