An English Man who looks like a cozavan
"Is He Gonna mug me?"
"Nah Its just a Dean"
by Jackstone520 July 04, 2007
A person, often short in stature, who uses the longest route possible to solve a problem, often creating other problems along the way; also a small person with a large ego, similar to Napolean, only with the stubborness of a native Italian. This person will find several ways to solve the same problem, only all of them will be incorrect.
The customer called in with a problem, and instead of quickly finding a solution, the technician decided to get dean.

Stop being so dean! You think you know everything but you're ALWAYS wrong!
by James Hightower December 12, 2007
A man who is indecisive at the best of times.
One who has trouble organising his own life, or sticking to a social decision because he may be judged silently by others about it.
"Get your act together, quit being a Dean"
"Are you coming or not? Don't be a Dean about"
by PsychoPsy June 13, 2007
A short inconsiderate man full of himself. Thinks way to highly of his own being and believes his penis is much larger than it really is. Talks the talk but in the end will disappoint. Who names their kid Dean anyway!
-You should hook up with him...

--Nah, he's a Dean!

-Ah, totally understand now!
by heslame February 02, 2010
A "dean" is someone or something that is lame or whack. You can also use "deaner" or "on dean".
This party is dean lets skirt.
That kid is such a deaner.
You are so on dean.
by Steez RP October 08, 2005
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