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when somebody is extra hype about with you're doing, someone is copying off of you
"Keisha went and got those sneakers I got yesterday...She dick eating."

also see: dick eater
by Isatta July 23, 2004
1. Over Praising someone, saying more than a simple "Good Job" or "Congratulations"

2. Being hype over a situation that has nothing at all to do with you.

3. Copying or agreeing with everything a person says.

4. Excessive hypeness of a situation that is done and gone.

5. Saying something you hear other people say without knowing what it means, or because it sounds cool.

6. Changing yourself to fit with people that don't like you.

7. A constant follower of someone (I'm not talking about twitter.)
Ex: 1.

*John makes a 3-point shot*
His Friends: Nice shot, John.
The dickeater: That was a nice shot, John. I don't think I've ever seen someone do that! You're the best!
John and His Friends: Stop DICKEATING.

Ex: 2.

Susie: stfu stupid bitch . Suck a dick you lame ass whore.
Angelica: FOH duck ass hoe. I will knock you the fuck out.
Mary: Angelica you not gonna knock No one out, Bitch!
Angelica and Susie: Stop DICKEATING.

Ex: 3.

Me: I'm so hungry.
dickeater: Me too.
Me: I think I want some McDonalds.
Dickeater: Me too.
Me: I'm not hungry anymore.
Dickeater: Me either.
Me: You shouldn't be. You been DICKEATING all day.

Ex: 4.

*Teacher Yells at a Tiyanna*
*30 minutes later*
Person: Ahahaha, the teacher yelled at you.
Tiyanna: That's old. Stop DICKEATING.

Ex: 5.

Boy and his friends: Hahah you fighting it.
Other boy: Ha yeah yall are fighting it.
Boy: Do you know what that even means?
Other boy: No.
Boy: Then stop DICKEATING.

Ex: 6.

Sasha: I like emus.
Becky: Ew, emus are fake ass uggs.
Sasha: Yeah I really don't like them that much.

Ex: 7.
*Bart and Milhouse going every where together, But Bart is leading.*

Me: Why Milhouse always following him?
Friend: Cause he DICKEATING.
by @RanduhmKwotes February 04, 2012
1. The act of being an unwanted hype-man
2. Copying off of someone
3. Joining in an conversion without being wanted
4. Being unnecessary in a situatio
This guy was dick eating off my swagger.
by Blackwing Hamster Darkheart January 24, 2014
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