To hit someone in the face; often a small child with a basketball
Steven threw the ball to John and Deaned him in the face

by smustang September 14, 2008
an authoritative figure on a the faculty board of a highschool or college that is labeled by most as a short tempered, rude, narcissistic, insensitive, premature ejaculator. they ride around on golf carts and behave inb a way that mirors the mannerisms of your average maul cop. these people are sticklers for the rules and have an old testament attitude towards most deviating students.They also have an annoying habit of interpreting peoples lack of upholding the rules as being directed at them personally.
student 1: "dude i was walking to class minding my own business and all of an sudden one of the deans pulled out in front of me in his golf cart and wrote my up for an un-tucked shirt."

Student 2: "bra them deans be wack as shit."
by lemonjuicepandafucker May 16, 2011
Awesome guy from Bundoora!

failed yr7, 8 and nine! then left school for a year, went back and got in at yr 11 entry! wtf i know! dean is the founder of The Dean Richards Foundation Of Australia. it runs each year from Dec 18th-28th and it helps raise awearness of Dean's awesomeness.

You may also find dean ALWAYS at Greenzy just doing whatever he does, or maybee at rosies house or at his school of Bundoora Secondary College. Mykayla is aweosme and she is the shiz but she moved to bendigo and its not fair. Dean also has his 3 bitchz Sheniqua, Joe-Quanda and Shenaynay. They are DANGEROUS PEOPLE AND SHOULD NEVER BE MESSED WITH. Dean also loves his two other really good friends Holly And Izzie Nicholls, WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS SINCE 5 YRS OLD!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME KENTZZ BROO!!

Amy is Jamima and she dated a guy for 40 minutes. and he was already in love with her. really random.

Back to dean. Hel lived in Bundy but moved to greensborough due to his house burning down. but! HE is moveing back to bundy ASAP!
Hey Dean. whats up?

(Dean) naa just chillin with my bitchez sheniqua,joe-quanda and shenaynay.


(Dean) Yes, bitch they are dangerous so KEEP THE FUCK AWAY!!

Got Chawll In Heyree!! xx
by Annabell Dickson February 05, 2009
Loser, pretty much the biggest loser around.
girl: look it's dean donatellllllli
guy: yeah his name really suits him.

(he's a loser)
by boobsandstuff March 30, 2011
A loser. Not even joking, a really big loser. When you look at said person they just have that "loser" stature about them. Very, very easy to spot.
Look at that kid right there.

Oh, definitely a Dean. No doubt.

Yeah no doubt.
by LLAWNHOJ April 06, 2011
A Dean is the act of slapping your girlfriend extremely hard and calling her a fat bitch.
My boyfriend totally Dean-ed me last night after we had a huge fight.
by qwertyuiop123456 September 26, 2008
Noun: a dean; the male genitalia, namely the dong.
Verb: to dean; to hit someone hard with your dean.
Adjective: dean; dean-like.

Variations: robo-dean, deanslayer
Get your dean out of my face!
If you do that again i'll dean you.
You're so dean.
by wigwam inn November 14, 2007
A friend of yours who thinks he's superior to everyone, but has many inadequacies.
"I just programmed Netscape in Perl! Bow to me, people."
"Aaah, Zac, yer such a dean!"
by Dylan Hewson May 27, 2005

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