To hit someone in the face; often a small child with a basketball
Steven threw the ball to John and Deaned him in the face

by smustang September 14, 2008
A loser. Not even joking, a really big loser. When you look at said person they just have that "loser" stature about them. Very, very easy to spot.
Look at that kid right there.

Oh, definitely a Dean. No doubt.

Yeah no doubt.
by LLAWNHOJ April 06, 2011
Loser, pretty much the biggest loser around.
girl: look it's dean donatellllllli
guy: yeah his name really suits him.

(he's a loser)
by boobsandstuff March 30, 2011
A Dean is the act of slapping your girlfriend extremely hard and calling her a fat bitch.
My boyfriend totally Dean-ed me last night after we had a huge fight.
by qwertyuiop123456 September 26, 2008
Noun: a dean; the male genitalia, namely the dong.
Verb: to dean; to hit someone hard with your dean.
Adjective: dean; dean-like.

Variations: robo-dean, deanslayer
Get your dean out of my face!
If you do that again i'll dean you.
You're so dean.
by wigwam inn November 14, 2007
A friend of yours who thinks he's superior to everyone, but has many inadequacies.
"I just programmed Netscape in Perl! Bow to me, people."
"Aaah, Zac, yer such a dean!"
by Dylan Hewson May 27, 2005
An English Man who looks like a cozavan
"Is He Gonna mug me?"
"Nah Its just a Dean"
by Jackstone520 July 04, 2007
A person, often short in stature, who uses the longest route possible to solve a problem, often creating other problems along the way; also a small person with a large ego, similar to Napolean, only with the stubborness of a native Italian. This person will find several ways to solve the same problem, only all of them will be incorrect.
The customer called in with a problem, and instead of quickly finding a solution, the technician decided to get dean.

Stop being so dean! You think you know everything but you're ALWAYS wrong!
by James Hightower December 12, 2007

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