A very enjoyable fighting game series with a simple, fast but deep fighting engine, very easy to get into. Although many shallow minded people will just say its bad and its all about sex appeal, which i think is wrong. For exanple there are more male fighters than female and no one complained when mai had bounce factor in 95. also there was a sub par volleyball spin-off.
dead or alive,
dead or alive ++,
dead or alive 2,
dead or alive 2 hardcore,
dead or alive 3,
dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball,
dead or alive ultimate,
dead or alive 4 (not yet released)
by assimilate August 31, 2005
And thanks to Dead or Alive Volleyball, we can now look forward to a whole slew of shitty volleyball games with almost-naked girls as their only saving grace.
Way to go, Techmo.
by gamer July 27, 2003
A decent fighting game, contrary to poular belief. Also to the contraier: it's worth buying or even renting for the gameplay and great graphics and interactive destructive environments and not just for the babes. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was absolute shit sellout just to make college geeks buy the game just for the possibilty of playing with DDD sized girls.
The "Dead or Alive" series has many jiggling boobs, thighs, a pinch of cleavage, and some pantyshots. Wank material for the fanboys.
by nikkan_hanil December 14, 2003
A 3d fighting game which is yet another ripoff of SEGA's Virtua Fighter, except that Dead or Alive caters to the lowest common denominator by featuring female characters with perfect bouncing breasts and plenty of panty-revealing kicks. Basically, the virtual chicks practically make the game sell itself well since, after all, there are plenty of sexually-repressed teenage/college males out there who will never score with a real girl anyway.
I couldn't stop playing Dead or Alive 3 today because I was drooling when I did a 9-hit tag-team combo with the female characters Kasumi and Helena. ^_^
by AYB February 17, 2003
a very mediocre video game series. for reasons that defy logic, the creators won't make it a series of porn movies, even though sales figures suggest this would be the most efficient choice. the characters look like dolls and have the emotions to match and the story line is non-existent. people justify their purchase by saying "well the graphics are good, and the babes are hot".
Otaku: I love dead or alive! marry me kasumi!

Guy: loser
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006
Not the most polished fighting game but never the less a good fighting game. The fighting system is generally good except for the fact you can counter any attack at any time. However the average DoA player is a complete noob as I have easily beaten all my friends who own DoA although I only ever play it at their houses. This shows that people are lying about buying it for "gameplay". Proof of this are the other definitions here on this site.
DoA Player: "Hey DoA 4 has great gameplay! btw when does Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball 2 come out?"
by fighting_gamerer May 14, 2007
a fighting game exclusivly for the xbox. it has realistic graphics, which justifies a purchase from shallow fanboy fuckedass otakus. mostly hailed as a "great game" because there are half naked women in it. when you win, the emotionless characters stare, and I use that word loosly, at the screen as if they are looking at cue-cards.
Jon: holy shit! I just kept pressing the x button and beat the game on extremely hard!

Tim: but the graphics are realistic. doa is teh best game ev3r!!1111one
by Phil January 12, 2005

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