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A very enjoyable fighting game series with a simple, fast but deep fighting engine, very easy to get into. Although many shallow minded people will just say its bad and its all about sex appeal, which i think is wrong. For exanple there are more male fighters than female and no one complained when mai had bounce factor in 95. also there was a sub par volleyball spin-off.
dead or alive,
dead or alive ++,
dead or alive 2,
dead or alive 2 hardcore,
dead or alive 3,
dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball,
dead or alive ultimate,
dead or alive 4 (not yet released)
by assimilate August 31, 2005
terrible, talentless boy band whose fanbase consists of obnoxious little girls/teenage girls.
mcfly who listens to this bullshit? little girls of course
by assimilate September 13, 2005

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