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A perfect male specimen. Adorable in every aspect. Banging body and a great ass. lovable and caring. sweet as hell.
"wow Dayne looks fucking hot"

by catcatcatcatcats April 29, 2009
A kid with really muscular arms.
Very cocky but can be because he really is that good.
Usually good with the ladies.....
Just down right sexy.
Flexes every second of the day.

Damn!! Dayne is a baller!
by Certified Baller March 19, 2009
basically means awesome,sexy, great with the women, avoids the little girls, sweet on the inside, spicy outside, intelligent and won't fall for bullshit, never lie to him as he'll always find out the truth and buss a cap in yo ass, can be humble, but will always be fun...
A loud thud cud be heard in times square as all the ladies' underwear dropped to the floor simultaneously upon hearing the name "Dayne" being announced on the P.A. system...
by toobigforher August 29, 2010
A) Translated to "Strongest Knight" in Danish. B) A shockingly good looking and witty male. Usually tall, dark and handsome. Naturally possesses an excellent sense of humor with a sarcastic undertone. The guy that every man wants to be and all the women want to be with. Daynes' get along with everyone but seem to hold women's attention due to their good looks. Other, less trophy boyfriend type men, seem to hate Daynes' due to jealousy.
Incredible! Look at that Dayne!
by theredlight October 15, 2010
A person with no expresion, emotion, thinks everything sucks and fells no pain (or at least dose but shows none).
My freind is a Dayne
by Hynzie September 24, 2006
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