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This boy that I know, that I love very deeply. Amazing, nobody could replace him.
Girl 1: what's that amazing boys name?
Girl 2: oh that's daylon
by loser23 August 30, 2008
He is the strongest presence in the room. His middle name might be something like Michael. He never played anyone's game. His character as well as his fashion is impeccible and although his desire may be elsewhere, every girl in the room is certain that she will be the one to conquer him.
Daylon was the best senior prom date all 4 years of high school!
by anothersomeone February 03, 2010
to have a loose anus, usu. after unusually long periods of powerful anal sex.
Man, I went for door number two on that girl but she had a daylon, so I turned her over for the tight hole...
by The Love Machine October 16, 2003

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