darwin, charles was a alcoholic man with suicide inclinations, a huge white barb and a amateur interest for the nature. Inspired by his 33th grade freemason grandfather, erasmus darwin, the absurd theories of malthus and other primitive inanities, he considered his theory of evolution, by natural selection, which is scientifically collapsed today. (But with a simple research, you can find some idiots who still do believe in darwinism: dawkins, stephen jay gould, douglas futuyma, ...

The man who floored the theory of evolution is Harun Yahya
This "theory of evolution by natural selection" gave rise to doubts from the very first:

1- What were the "natural and coincidental variations" referred to by Darwin? It was true that some cows were bigger than others, while some had darker colors, yet how could these variations provide an explanation for the diversity in animal and plant species?

2- Darwin asserted that "Living beings evolved gradually." In this case, there should have lived millions of "transitional forms." Yet there was no trace of these theoretical creatures in the fossil record. Darwin gave considerable thought to this problem, and eventually arrived at the conclusion that "further research would provide these fossils."

3- How could natural selection explain complex organs, such as eyes, ears or wings? How can it be advocated that these organs evolved gradually, bearing in mind that they would fail to function if they had even a single part missing?

4- Before considering these questions, consider the following: How did the first organism, the so-called ancestor of all species according to Darwin, come into existence? Could natural processes give life to something which was originally inanimate?

Darwin was, at least, aware of some these questions, as can be seen from the chapter "Difficulties of the Theory." However, the answers he provided had no scientific validity. H.S. Lipson, a British physicist, makes the following comments about these "difficulties" of Darwin's:

On reading The Origin of Species, I found that Darwin was much less sure himself than he is often represented to be; the chapter entitled "Difficulties on Theory" for example, shows considerable self-doubt. As a physicist, I was particularly intrigued by his comments on how the eye would have arisen.1

Darwin invested all his hopes in advanced scientific research, which he expected to dispel the "difficulties of the theory." However, contrary to his expectations, more recent scientific findings have merely increased these difficulties.
by darwinism refuted April 14, 2009
Beast at everything he does tries his best. Everyone loves him. Usually tall and handsome. He is a great person to talk to but you got to talk to him first and he will listen. He denies compliments but he gives the best compliments to girls. He is truthful to one girl loves her then they break his heart.
Why do all the girls like Darwin? He isn't even all that great.
by kzvaldez May 07, 2011
Charles Dawin A biological genius and nature lover. Discovered the principle of natural selection. Contrary to popular belief he did not discover evolution. The idea has been around science ancient times. He wrote ,"The orgin of species" and "The decent of man". That played a major part in dispelling the myth the man was created instantly by magic by a transidental being.
There are still people today who deny this principle and who are in the same class as flat earthers and try to get other people to believe there planly false and outdated ideas.
Darwin rules.
by Deep blue 2012 April 29, 2010
Slang for an excessive amount of money, coming from the picture of darwin on a five pound note hence the expression. As used by indicision cru.
Dude 1: You wanna go to Reading festival?
Dude 2: Yeah man but it cost bare darwins!!would be awesome though, line up looks good.
Dude 1: true dat man,
by Dougi-E March 19, 2007
A colloquial term for £10 notes that stems from Charles Darwin being on the back of £10 note.
The beers are on me!Ben- Shawn has so many darwins!
by jmanj May 07, 2014
1. A term for failure reserved for those who's self esteem would be damaged by being told they fail. Since no one is left behind they get a dar win.

2. A win for the human race when a stupid someone fails so bad they are permanently removed from the gene pool.
1. Little Sally ate her crayons instead of making a nice picture for the art contest. She gets a dar win for her contribution.

2. This guy from Australia fell to his death while trying to plank on the railing of his apartment balcony, that's a real dar winner.
by GreenBird23 May 16, 2011
A gorgeous asshole that makes a girls feel like an angel and then stabs ice picks through their chest and kills their souls. Very hot and pretty and perfect and fjgnwjnlnsk. They are great boyfriends and aren't the brightest crayons in the box at times. The also have a strange obsession with death and hell and piles of dead babies. Good friends and awkward around exes. Die bitch.

Yeah, it's cuz that Darwin broke up with her. Asshole -_-
by ILBVB4L January 06, 2013
stalking a girl after being dumped by her. following her, annoying her constantly.
Girl, he's so pulling a darwin!
I know, it's kinda of scary
by class,sassandafineass October 20, 2012

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