stalking a girl after being dumped by her. following her, annoying her constantly.
Girl, he's so pulling a darwin!
I know, it's kinda of scary
by class,sassandafineass October 20, 2012
A scientist who proposed the evolution theory which some atheist nuts think debunks God. It doesn't and simply explains the variation of species not the origin of life and/or the universe. Contrary to the intolerant definition written by Mr.Behe (who clearly doesn't know anything about the theory hence why he thinks it explains the origin of life) creationism and intelligent design are two different things.
Darwin who worshiped nowadays by atheists who mistakenly believe that evolution debunks God.
by Skialian January 03, 2014
A laugh that my School invented, not mentioning names.
Friend:Dar Dar Darwin!
by King Masterlord October 18, 2009
Verb - To kill for the purpose of removing said object from the gene pool. The individuals to whom this verb is applied should not, in the speaker's eyes, be allowed to reproduce and pass along their genes. Note: it is a purely humorous word, no one is actually supporting violence upon other human beings.

The word stems from a reference to Charles Darwin who first suggested natural selection as a primary method of evolution.
1. I can't believe that kid is playing in traffic, he should be darwined.

2. Jeff is such a moron he should be darwined so he doesn't pass along stupid genes.
by WP Native January 25, 2009
Common slang for a ten pound note (english sterling). The term 'Darwin' denotes the value of the note because of the use of Charles Darwin's face on the reverse of the bank note.

Other amounts in note form are characterised by the face used on the reverse of the note, e.g. a 'Smith', used instead of saying 'twenty pounds', because of the use of Adam Smith's face.
i) Aeneas: Bruv, can you like skeck me a darwin please?
Len: I s'pose, what happened to your cash though?
Aeneas: Oh, these trousers have massive pockets so the Smith I had fell out
Len: Bummer.

ii) That old lady I mugged 'ad like a 'uge wad of Darwins. Must a've bin like penison day or summat.
by Aeneas Edward November 30, 2007
Here's his theory in a simplified metaphor:

If you took a watch and ripped it apart, and dismantled it so that no piece was attatched to another in any way shape or form, and buried in the ground for a couple billion years, electrocuted it, exposed it to various chemicals, and let it sit, eventually, by some random Frankenstein's monster process, when you unburied it, you would have a complete, working watch.

Darwin though that happened with the first organic molecule 4 billion something years ago

No, of course that makes complete sense. It has to, or else you'll fail your freshman biology test
Darwin, as much as everyone wants your theory to make sense, I've got some news for you... You fail
by MTRCxY August 13, 2010
Charles Darwin, a guy who thought he figured out the origin of life. Apparently, life itself, along with every living organism on the planet originated from one molecule of organic material, created under virtually impossible conditions and circumstances (Scientists have attempted to replicate the ideal conditions for this to happen numerous times, and have failed). He also believed that all humans came from mindless apes, and he tried to use finches on the Galopogas Islands to somehow prove that evolution took place on an incredibly massive scale... using only birds. Frankly his thinking just does not make sense, but despite many great minds in science admitting that Darwin's theory does not add up, it has become the accepted explanation for life itself. What is worse is that it is absolutely impossible to convince Darwinists otherwise. They firmly believe that the theory they worship so much is bulletproof, and will reject any evidence against it. Professors from various universities and event he Smithsonian have been fired for presenting evidence for, or even simply mentioning the possibility of intelligent design in published papers. Darwinists ruthlessly bash Christians, reject any opposition to Darwin's theory and insist that evidence is only a coincidence, and use their power, influence, and downright arrogance to protect a theory that has been falling apart for years. That's a fine example of freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry isn't it?
Dad: See those monkeys kids? Millions of years ago, you would have looked like that!

Kid: You really believe that?

Dad: I believe what Darwin says because I'm not allowed to believe otherwise!

Kid: You're an idiot dad
by MxTr July 03, 2010

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