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A name that is almost always mistaken for another spelling. Darrel is often mispelled as "Darrell", "DaRel", "Daryl",
"Darryl", "Darel", "Darryll", etc. People who have been bestowed with this name are often prone to being majorly pissed off at this constant misunderstanding.
"Hey Darrell! How are you?"

by DaRealMan February 21, 2009
short for derralict. someone who's always late, high, lazy, drunk, smells, ect.
dude's from jackass are all darrels
by heckems June 27, 2007

An individual who one finds odd, weird, freakish, unusual, and all around just not normal.
1. Dude, look at that total darrel who just walked in.

2. Hey man, who's that darrel over there talking to your girl?

3. So I was at the store and the biggest darrels were in line in front of me talking about all their "game" they think they have.
by Krieg0 December 31, 2013
Code for marijuana. Comes from "Dimebag" Darrel from the metal band Pantera (r.i.p.). Makes a great code because it can be used in lots of different ways.
Matt: Yeah, i'm gonna hang out with Darrel when I get home.
Adam: Sounds good dude.
by Kronikles October 08, 2009
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