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1)Though only of average height, a Darrin is superbly athletic, and thus far more attractive to women than the average mortal.
2) Due to the Darrin's height disadvantage, his penis will occasionally drag on the ground as he walks. In the case of an erection (sometimes refered to as a Nathan), decreased brain funciton is a common result as there is not enough blood for both the brain and penis
1)"man, I just got beat in a race"
"I know dude, he's a total darrin"
"shit, there goes my Girlfriend!"
2)"where did all the blood go?"
"to my penis, where it belongs"
3)haha, that Darrin just fell over cause of his huge Nathan
by Backflipaddict October 28, 2008
Redneck/briar activities and or actions
Bob: "I took my cousin on a date"
Bill: "ew! You're such a Darrin!"
by Scantmont June 12, 2015
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