A pair of shoes that are either funny looking, strange, or somewhat exuberant. Mosty worn buy businessmen, or people who have little fashion sense. Although technically any pair of shoes could be classed as dappers. To call someone a "dapper" would be insulting to them as it would imply that they are a lot like strange shoes
Wow, look at those dappers!
by nrgt September 06, 2013
Great.- Amazing.- Fresh, with a hint of lemon.
Dapper clowns.
by Kensuke July 07, 2003
comes originally from London, a person who is stylish (or who thinks they are) SAFE!!!
Wing is a dapper
by Emma May 27, 2004
Someone who is acting like they are missing half a brain.
Wow, that guy is acting real dapper today!
by darkgs February 14, 2010
A reference to Dapper Drake, version 6.06 of Ubuntu Linux, slated for release on June 1st 2006.
Dapper Drake was originally meant to compete with Microsoft Windows Vista, but Vista was postponed by a year, because Microsoft is trying to put out an OS that doesn't suck quite as much (it still will though, majorly).
by Juan Pedro Marinez April 15, 2006
a person who acts as though they have a learning dificulty.
or person who actually does have a learning difficulty.
word is used affectionately when friend is being stupid.
"look at that dapper on the dancefloor."
by willowcandra April 19, 2006

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