Someone who is deemed cool, cooler than all others.
Something that presents an idea of 'coolness'.
"I'm gonna look so dapper in this Bape hoodie"
"Ah Supra's are so dapper!!"
by laura pearse April 25, 2008
A word to describe a gentlemen caller who wears a pin stripe suit to The Macaroni Grill with a fancy tie and matching pocket square. This gentlemen usually kisses on the first date...but just the hand. Often says "I wanna hold your hand"....listened to too much Beatles music as a child.
Waiter-" Oh my sir, you are looking quite dapper this evening....would like to hear about our specials here at The Macaroni Grill?"
by Dapperdan0486 February 15, 2011
(n.) A form of a Handshake

Making a claw with your hand and touching it to another's claw-hand.

Used as A show of friendship upon approach and also used as a salutation when walking away from someone
Chris: Hey Dan...Dappers
(touch claws)
Dan:Whats new?
by theboringestkidsyouknow June 21, 2011
a well dressed man, a true gentlemen decked out in Old Gold and Royal Purple.

gold and purple, gold and purple, gold and purple
There is really only one way to describe dapper, Kenneth Case
by Hendy21123 November 21, 2010
When you are looking fine as fire.
Man! I look so dapper today!
by Jade Gardener April 16, 2015
A classy and well put-together gent.
Jacob should be more dapper but doesn't know what it means. Maybe Alex can teach him.
by abagle00 October 23, 2014
When your fitment rubs just as much as your balls in your skinny jeans
Dude look at the dapper on that Volkswagen, I'd look so good in it with my denim vest and skinny jeans!
by poop_doctor September 22, 2014

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