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4 definitions by Kensuke

receiving oral sex while dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool.
I've really got to take a shit, are you up for plumpkins?
by kensuke August 03, 2005
17 10
To own something, or someone.
To slay someone in a manner making themselves look like a n00b.
To be 0wn3d would be being slaughtered by t3h 0wn4g3. (Or in heavy l33t,
0\/\/|\|493 )
by Kensuke July 07, 2003
3 8
Counterstrike, the hell's gates of n00bs, however, there are some r0x0rs, some laggers, but many weapons.
Missions change depending on your team.
The terrorists have a different set of weapons to the counter-terrorists.
CS is still popular even thought it is old, adn modifications are still being made.
Who's that 0wnz0r?
Who are those n00bs?
Who's that lagger?
Why can't I connect?
Why are all the servers run by linux?
Why don't I have a life?
Why did I just die?
Why am I asking all these questions?
Why can't I afford a colt M4A1 carbine?
Why ask why?
by Kensuke July 07, 2003
33 45
Great.- Amazing.- Fresh, with a hint of lemon.
Dapper clowns.
by Kensuke July 07, 2003
26 73