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Looking good, well dressed, fly
Your looking dappa tonight Gav
by Vick June 06, 2003
Dappa can describe:
1. A person who is basically the top dog, and looks good at the same time.
2. The way someone looks.
1. Damn, ©™ is a DAPPA, look at his pimp wear!
2. I whacked on my Moschino Jeans, T and Boss watch. I was looking proper DAPPA
by ©™ October 16, 2003
A small penis, a penis of small size. The owner of a 'dappa' is usually quite popular and good-looking, so most guys who know him are privately happy with the knowledge that he has a tiny 'dappa'
"Oh yeah, did you hear about Gertrude? She took home the captain of the footy team, turns out he has a dappa.'
by DadyC00l1 January 15, 2012
Dappa, Dappas, Dappah like a wah.

A word commonly use to describe something as the best finest and hi-grade.
"Yes Yes Craig, You heard wha G got?"
"its the Dappas man!"

"What is the soup of the day waiter?"
"Absolute Dappa bossssss"
by badmon July 11, 2010
Dappa is another word for gentials or wanting to have intercourse with someone. it is almost always used in a sexual manner
I want to Dampen her Dappa!
Check Out that Dappa across the road!
by MJtron July 26, 2011
A person who is acting stupid, clueless, dim, dull, foolish, irrelevant, senseless, mindless, moronic, inane, idiotic, simple, or pointless.
Boy: "Shut yo dappa ass up!"
Girl: "look at you, with your dappa lookin self"
Boy:"Shut up, dappa!"
by JBXXF June 04, 2009
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