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to throw up, usually after drinking
I drank too much tonight, I just yacked behind his shed
by Vick March 06, 2005
The most perfect creature to ever walk the earth. The voice that could make angels cross over to the dark side. Beautiful, soft, sensual, full lips that you would die for. You would die for HIM.
No words can describe the beauty that is ville valo.
by vick July 25, 2004
Looking good, well dressed, fly
Your looking dappa tonight Gav
by Vick June 06, 2003
the most pimped out clothing line there is
yo i herd he just got hooked up with some akademiks
by vick May 19, 2004
Italian suspense-thriller flicks, usually with a serial killer chasing beautiful blonds.
Dario Argento is the world's most famous giallo director.
by Vick December 09, 2003
Nickname for the Atkin's diet, a diet based upon eating large amounts of meat and disgusting fat, but not being able to eat rice or bread. People who are on this diet are probably going to die of heart failure later in their lives.
Linda: I'm such a pig- I had a piece of bread yesterday. That's it no more carbs...let's go eat a pound of bacon now.
Jesse: Dude, Fatkin's sucks.
by Vick February 10, 2005
possessing "pimped-out" qualities. can also mean a girl who has been "pimped-out"
my new sweater vest was straight delsin!

that hoe has been around the block, she was delsined to my momma last week.
by Vick March 17, 2005

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