Ex singer for The Misfits was in another band Samhain for a short time now a solo act. Best songs were from the misfits era. Still a good artist.

Got his ass kicked by the the Kings in his hometown
Skulls was a good song by the misfits, it had a great sing along quality to it.
Love Muffin covers the song Where eagles dare.
Danzig was talking shit and a Northside King knocked him out with one hit.
by M.O.B. March 01, 2006
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That guy who was featured on an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force once.
Danzig made a guest appearance on ATHF...once
by Xtreme2252 September 07, 2009
the sexiest man alive...Glenn Danzig....original lead singer of the Misfits,Samhain, and Danzig...Jerry Only can suck a dick for all i care..who the fuck does he think he is..kicking Danzig out and stealing the music and title he so awesomely wrote...Danzig for ever..Twist of Cain..drives my brain
Whoa look at Danzig...hott
by Vampira138 August 05, 2006
Any kinda male that walks around flexing his muscles and trying to look hard. Named after the musician Glenn Danzig from the Misfits.
That guy thinks he's so tough. He's so Danzig.
by Jaypeezee June 14, 2004
Replacement for mild profanity. Often follows the word Glenn, to simulate taking in vain a certain deity's name.
Danzig, that smarts!


Glenn Danzig! I thought I told you kids to stay outta my stash!
by Sivashank January 23, 2005
a city in Poland.
I went to Dabzig and had some good food yesterday.
by Luka November 24, 2003
Hot @$$ guy.
Danzig is f*cking hot.
by Howl August 18, 2003
1)Having a sudden, violent reaction, that often seems to come out of nowhere.
2)A person engaging in a largly unprovoked fight.
Man, Steve is pissin' me off, next time I see him I'm gonna Danzig him.
Did you see Tom shove Gary last night? I did not see that coming! He really Danziged out.

by 505 September 25, 2005

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