The sexy woah misfit.
by Nitrogen August 02, 2003
danzigs last samhain album had his coolest song.DESCENT
when i first heard this song i was so stoned and imagined doing stunt moves in an F-15 was so adventurous
by devilock March 04, 2003
Ex singer for The Misfits was in another band Samhain for a short time now a solo act. Best songs were from the misfits era. Still a good artist.

Got his ass kicked by the the Kings in his hometown
Skulls was a good song by the misfits, it had a great sing along quality to it.
Love Muffin covers the song Where eagles dare.
Danzig was talking shit and a Northside King knocked him out with one hit.
by M.O.B. March 01, 2006
Short Italian comic book/horror nerd from New Jersey who founded the Misfits. Currently a solo "artist."
Danzig is pretty short!
by Bryan Lazores April 21, 2004

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