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2 definitions by Howl

By the author Diana Wynne Jones, a children's book, and a totally kick-ass movie by the director of Spirited Away,Hayao Miyazaki.Also known as Hauru no Ugoku Shiro. An amazing fatasy story( and movie) with a totally sweet ending, about a young girl Sophie and a heart-eating wizard Howl.The book has a sequel, castle in the air. The character, howl, stole the heart of many young girls who have watched the movie
A: hey do you know that howl is the main character of the movie.
B: duh. erm. actually, howl's actual name is howell, which is such a pity, cause the name, howl, goes so totally well with amazingly good looks.*sigh*
by howl June 11, 2005
Hot @$$ guy.
Danzig is f*cking hot.
by Howl August 18, 2003