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an amazingly good looking person who everyone likes. they are great at every sport and everybody wants to be like them. and their girlfriend really loves them.
Wow Nick is such a Marino. Tom and Kim really wish they were like him.
by Go Wombats August 01, 2007
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A person, most likely from a big Italian family, who takes life and makes the most out of it. We take nothin from NOBODY. The girls are great and the guys are cool, and no matter what, family comes first.
"Can you imagine if we didn't have the Marino's as neighbors?... FORGETABOUTIT!"
by Belladonna Marino March 15, 2009
Playing hookie from class to play a video game.
Erica took a Marinos to play Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising.
by comtech1963 April 16, 2013
Marino is usually a name from Italian descent. Most Marino's spend their time going to techno-rave parties that have grown considerably in popularity. They usually tend the bar of work the ladies in the club. Marino is a name for people with a need to perform and a need to get shitfaced drunk before the end of the night.
a: "Do you know Tim?"

b: "The bartender at Flashback?"

a: "Yeah that's the guy, he's such a Marino, always passing out before his shift is over."
by Thegreatalpacawarrior November 07, 2012

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