1.The hottest comedian alive who I want to make hot monkey love to.
2. The guy held prisoner in my closet. Tied up in ropes and handcuffed (oh thats kinky).
AND 3. Everything you wish you had in a man.
Daney Waney: "Mmm let me out of the closet!"
Me: "Never youre Dane Cook and I'm never letting you out of my sight!"
by Ms. Daney Waney December 19, 2008
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Dane Cook is a comedian that got hit in the FACE!!!! watch his material and you will know what i am talking about
"the tire hunted Mary down... it jumped up, and hit her in the FACE!!!"

-Dane Cook
by eboyd32 June 03, 2007
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An intense beast of a comedian who is my future hubbay. Needs to be shrined and bowed down to every day.
He puts the FUN in FUNNY.
Hes the Elvis to comedy and I dont care what people say he is amazing!
And shouldnt be referred to anything but Daney Waney <3
Boy: Ew that Dane Cook guy isnt even funny.
Girl: Dont chu mess with Daney Waney or I'll go all Zohan on yo ass!
by Ms. Cook December 19, 2008
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