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Not to be confused with the very few people who can actually relate to and understand what Dane Cook is saying in his comedy routine.

75% of people who have listened to a dane cook cd, dvd, or have been to a Dane Cook event.

Mostly teenagers, females, and first-time listeners.

The girls all want to fuck him.

They can't understand half of the things he talks about, but he's their friend on myspace, and has over 2 million friends on myspace, so he is SOOO FUNNY!!!
Dane Cook: That Dane Cook is a silly bitch!!


BAMF: Do you even know what he said?

Dane cook fan: YEAH!! Uh, no, but.. HAHAHA!!!


Dane cook fan: Mommy, can I buy this dane cook CD??

"Mommy": No, it has the parental advisory sticker on it, so you should wait till you're 18.

Dane cook fan: But-but-but... (Cries) I'm going to go cut myself and listen to Fall Out Boy.
by voorheez January 12, 2008
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