(Verb) To steal someone elses original material, specifically a joke.
"Thats a funny joke, but you totally Dane Cooked it from Victoria."
"Yeah Dane Cook does do that."
by Angebones June 06, 2009
worst commedian ever so overatted not even funny remotely
dane cook is about as funny as Bob Saget
by rest67 July 11, 2008
Since Dane Cook is known for lousy or "shitty" jokes, the act of taking a shit is also known as a dane cook
"I ate so much food at that party, I blew up the bathroom while taking a dane cook."
by yomama16 May 25, 2009
Not funny
I think shiting my pants would be more fun then to watch dane cook's stand up on comedy central
by dksuckspenis July 09, 2009
A has-been comedian turned bad actor who makes jokes that only idiots with single-digit I.Q's would think are even remotely funny.
Tommy: Hey Sean, there's Dane Cook.
Sean: Yeah he's such a douche. He should do another dreadful movie with Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010
He is a comedian, who mainly walks back and forth on stage, jumps around, screams and talks about how much he wants to be a rocker.

Some think he is hilarious, some think he is annoying as all fuck....its up to you if you like him or not.
Dane cook: *yyeaarrruuuhhh!!!* *starts jumping and screaming at the part of the "joke" which is supposed to be funny*
by boredloserwithnogodamnlife February 05, 2011
a celebrity, mostly despised, with a mostly juvenile fan base and doomed to have his fame move down an endless slide into irrelevance as he grows older.

Also, a celebrity who's fame will quickly die after his prime and thus become a sad, punch-line version of himself.
Dude, I saw Andrew Dice Clay last night. It was so sad. He's almost as bad now as Dane Cook.
by sketto July 29, 2012
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