This word is used as a nonchalant way to call somebody stupid. Kind of. Used in a joke to call someone a dummy.
Somebody says something stupid.

Boy:"Where are you from??......Damascus? (Da-maaass-cus)
Basically you're a dumbass.
by BlameitChick January 02, 2011
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A shitty town in Maryland, over-populated by cows and rednecks.
1) "There's nothing to do tonight...Damascus sucks" ... "I know! Let's go tip some cows and run around in the Gardens".
by Mitch2742 April 12, 2006
The best city in the entire universe. It is the capital of Syria and is the oldest continuosly inhabited city in the world.
Person 1: Have you been to Damascus, Syria?

Person 2: No, but I hear it is extremely beautiful and is filled with lots of history and nice, genuine people.

Person 1: You got that right!
by imar November 29, 2007
A small town overpopulated with rednecks, farmers, and conservatives that also has a heroin problem.
Person 1: Hey, let's go buy some beer and tip over some cows
Person 2: We can't, we're in Damascus.
Person 3: Someone say heroin?
by supremebagel_overlord June 03, 2016
a place full of rednecks and farmers, the smallest town ever
damn our town is a real Damascus
by crazierthanyou May 16, 2009
a crap town where the purchasing of beer is illegal.
Hick 1: "Let's buy some beer"
Hick from damascus: "ok but we need to go to the town over from damascus cuz this town sucks"
by C00TERpatrol July 05, 2009
1) The capital of Syria.
2) A tall skinny (bright) white male from Lake County, California.

Component origins: France, Germany, England, America

Likes: small dogs, computer games, tetris, swimming, good water

Dislikes: studying, school, totalling cars, bad water
1) Let's go to Damascus. I've heard it's pretty there.

2) Let's go visit Damascus. I've heard he's pretty.
by karenina April 12, 2005
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