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2 definitions by karenina

A skank who will sleep with anyone's boyfriend or husband without a second thought.
"Did you see that girl? The second his girlfriend went to the bathroom, she ran over and started grinding her skank ass on him."

"Ugh. What a Becka."
by Karenina August 28, 2012
9 30
1) The capital of Syria.
2) A tall skinny (bright) white male from Lake County, California.

Component origins: France, Germany, England, America

Likes: small dogs, computer games, tetris, swimming, good water

Dislikes: studying, school, totalling cars, bad water
1) Let's go to Damascus. I've heard it's pretty there.

2) Let's go visit Damascus. I've heard he's pretty.
by karenina April 12, 2005
14 43