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Fed up of people correcting you when you mix up there, their and they're? Use dair instead of all three. Dair: always wrong yet always right.

See also ure.
Look at those narks over dair. Think dair so smart. Well screw them and dair grammar.
by NarkPolice July 29, 2013
Noun. Prounounced Da-re. To be ACTION STYLE. Natalia is never ACTION STYLE therefore her existance is void of being Dair.
" My that move Frank is doing is so Dair."
by Action Style Frank November 10, 2008
Anything you want it to be. Wild card.
I give off dair vibes. It's so dairin' dair. Well I'm off to watch a dair and then go to dair. Good dair.
by Yo' Mommma November 10, 2008
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