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A persons daily dropping/shit.
Derives from "Doing Number 2" or "dropping a deuce" and doing it everyday.
A daily double usually occurs around the same time of each day, consistantly.
"It's time for my Daily Double."
"I just daily doubled your bathroom."
by KM!! January 28, 2008
7 2
When you take a dump, and after you finish flushing and washing your hands, you realize you have to take another.
If you eat dinner, wait a few minutes, and eat dessert, you could have a daily double on your hands.
by Tikibarberfan August 11, 2010
37 11
A rare occurence when the Urban Dictionary's "Word of the Day" is the same word for 2 days in a row.
September, 2007 Daily Double:
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - Word of the Day was "pz"
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - Word of the Day was "pz" as well.
by Aidan Ryuko September 12, 2007
8 2
Engaging in sexual intercourse with two sisters OR daughter and mother, all within the same 24 hour period, but not at the same time. Easier to pull-off than a Trifecta, however still not an easy move to complete given the limited time frame and moral implications.
Ex. 1: Carl pulled a Daily Double yesterday when he hit it at lunch time for a nooner with Zoe, then went out with her sister Chloe for cocktails that evening and ended up spending the night with her.

Ex. 2: Raul noticed his date's mom flirting with him that evening, so the next day after a wild evening of sex with the daughter, he paid her mom a visit for some afternoon delight, thus scoring a Daily Double.
by MTF January 13, 2009
8 4
Taking your morning dump, aka dropping a deuce.
Every morning, I shower, shave, and attempt the daily double
by RJ Shatterpants November 16, 2011
1 1
Having sex twice in one day. Derived from the TV gameshow Jeopardy and paramutual betting.
Last night my girlfriend and I hit the daily double. Tonight we should go for the trifecta.
by editorcj January 24, 2008
3 3
when 2 hookers both get trunk butt while giving you a double blow job
man i was so happy last night, i hit the Daily Double.
by Frank April 14, 2005
1 12