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When you take a dump, and after you finish flushing and washing your hands, you realize you have to take another.
If you eat dinner, wait a few minutes, and eat dessert, you could have a daily double on your hands.
by Tikibarberfan August 11, 2010
Engaging in sexual intercourse with two sisters OR daughter and mother, all within the same 24 hour period, but not at the same time. Easier to pull-off than a Trifecta, however still not an easy move to complete given the limited time frame and moral implications.
Ex. 1: Carl pulled a Daily Double yesterday when he hit it at lunch time for a nooner with Zoe, then went out with her sister Chloe for cocktails that evening and ended up spending the night with her.

Ex. 2: Raul noticed his date's mom flirting with him that evening, so the next day after a wild evening of sex with the daughter, he paid her mom a visit for some afternoon delight, thus scoring a Daily Double.
by MTF January 13, 2009
A persons daily dropping/shit.
Derives from "Doing Number 2" or "dropping a deuce" and doing it everyday.
A daily double usually occurs around the same time of each day, consistantly.
"It's time for my Daily Double."
"I just daily doubled your bathroom."
by KM!! January 28, 2008
A rare occurence when the Urban Dictionary's "Word of the Day" is the same word for 2 days in a row.
September, 2007 Daily Double:
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - Word of the Day was "pz"
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - Word of the Day was "pz" as well.
by Aidan Ryuko September 12, 2007
When you suck at hockey and get checked and knocked to the ice twice in the same shift.
Those guys are big. Give me odds that tommy hits the daily double this shift.
by DuChaude May 01, 2016
Taking your morning dump, aka dropping a deuce.
Every morning, I shower, shave, and attempt the daily double
by RJ Shatterpants November 16, 2011
Having sex twice in one day. Derived from the TV gameshow Jeopardy and paramutual betting.
Last night my girlfriend and I hit the daily double. Tonight we should go for the trifecta.
by editorcj January 24, 2008
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