An Italian who gives a bad name to all Italians. This type of Italian generally thinks he is a "tough guy" and can easily be spotted by being not very intelligent and a failure in most aspects of life. The daigo attempts to justify this by acting tough in an illogical manner.
Daigo: "What are you doing?"
Person: "Oh, Im just taking a walk"
Daigo: "Well walk somewhere else."
Person: "Alright, Ill go walk in the park."
Daigo: "What, you think your smarter than me, some kind of tough guy?"
Person: "No, Im just going to go take a walk in the park."
Daigo: "Yeah, thats what I thought."
by IceCold May 15, 2006
Top Definition
Daigo Umehara from Japan, one of the most accomplished 2d fighting game players in the world, ever. Most famous for his play in the Street Fighter series. Also called "the Beast" after a famous match in the semifinals of Americas largest fighting game tournament in 2004.
"Daigo with the full parry, and finish with a combo for the win. Evolution 2004, it's madness!"
by Cyrox August 16, 2008
Teh Sexay Hoenn League Champion who has a great interest in geology - also the son of the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City. He has a great compassion for pokemon but has a particular interest in steel-types.

Often seen wandering the Hoenn region wearing his trademarked onyx black suit while giving advice to pokemon trainers along their way.
Daigo smiled demurely as he began to guide Mikuri away from the ice gym into the darkness of the cave of origins.
by SeikoStone August 12, 2004
A male who is meterosexual and also VERY VERY Italian. Obsessed with one's hair and tight black shirts
That fucking daigo even gels his hair when he goes to the bathroom
by CHHHHAAAAAd January 12, 2005
This Usually Occurs In Animals Fur, But After taking A Poop, And You Don't Wipe Good enough sometimes the excess feces sticks to the fur on your rear end or just on your ass cheek.
"That Cat Is Running Around With Daigo's Hanging from her ass!"
by Jadine Junker April 02, 2008
Tony Guariglia
That daigo is spreading grease everywhere!
by That fucking Jew February 22, 2004
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