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A person (typically male) who takes pride in his appearance, dresses impeccably, goes for facials, expensive hair cuts and things of that nature. They are often assumed to be gay.
"Sam? Oh he isn't gay. I know he fusses a lot about his appearance, but he really isn't gay. He's just a meterosexual."
by justmoi July 26, 2005
A man who is heterosexual, and yet is very feminine. Someone who is meterosexual can sometimes be mistaken for a person who is homosexual, because it is a stereotypical beleif that gay men are "feminine,"
"Hey, I'm not meterosexual, I just like to shop!" exclaimed Jonas.
by Katy December 25, 2003
A guy who is straight, dates girls, but takes a little more pride in his apperence.
The Gotti brothers. And pretty much any jock/preppy guy is meterosexual.
by SkimettlS December 30, 2006
Meterosexual (pronounced "Met-er-O sex-U-al") (short: Metero) is a colloquialism (popular modern slang) which means someone who dresses or is flamboyant in a manner that is stereotyped to homosexuals, but is in fact a heterosexual.
This may also be someone who is gay and flamboyant, but isn't open or doesn't consciously know. So when asked if they are gay they say "oh no, I'm Metero.", though, in reality, they are gay.
"I know he seems gay, but he's really a Meterosexual."
"He thought he was just a Meterosexual, until he met Hank and realized he was actually homosexual after all."
by RockstarRaccoon August 30, 2008
one who only has sex if measurements are made using the Metric system. probably somewhat insecure
"I have a whopping SEVENTEEN centimeter... uh, wait a second..."
by rampant c March 10, 2004
a meterosexual is a man who thinks hes gay, but isn't. he dresses like a gay man and tries to act like a thug.
-When wearing clothes, tries to match EVERYTHING, and wears pink.
-On the verge of being gay.
Chase-"Hey look its John, with his pink shirt and popped out collar and gay ass gatorade. Where the hell is his beer like the rest of us? What a dipshit"
Deb"Yeah, he so meterosexual"
by leibabe87 May 16, 2005
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