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A conclusive word that is multi purpose and expresses emphasis in various circumstances.

Hairs originated Shelburne Ontario at Pine River Institute (rehab boarding school for troubled youth) in 2009.
kid #1: dawg check this fattt sack of chrons
kid #2: serious homez thats fukn haiiiirsss b

Girl: FUck you asshole, were finished
Guy: ....hairsssss......(calls up buddies) fuck lets smoke a blunt
by randomsketchbag June 27, 2009
Originated at Pine River Institute Rehab in 2009.
Means you got fucked over in one way or another.
Along the same lines as being 'chinced out'.
Yo man they found my weedz....fuckn dagger
YO DAGGGGGER Russel is working today!

Russel: You are stage dropped
Rehab kid: FUCK! , this man is throwing dags
by randomsketchbag June 26, 2009

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