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Driving While Asian Female
After watching Mrs. Lee drive her car at 5 miles per hour over a curb and into a bush, I was reminded yet again that DWAF needs be illegal.
by P Diddily September 28, 2009
short person
bro ur such a D-Waf
by mizzienz September 23, 2009
Dwaves are the worst enemies to the gnomes of the Gnomish Nation. They resemble orange gnomes with red eyes that know even less than gnomes and are even more destructive. They come from the mountainous mining fortress of Ksifnivek. The word came to be when someone I know who always mispronounces Rs tried to call me a dwarf.
"You are such a stupid dwaf!"
"Did you just call me a dwaaaaaaaaf?"
by Gnomish Nation April 12, 2005
ben's version of the word dwarf. ben can't spell.
ben is a cross dressing dwaf
by Self November 23, 2004
The battle cry of a warrior of small stature, also a hilarious misspelling of the word dwarf.
"DWAF!!!!" The dwarf cried as he ran into the war with his sword held high.
by Maddierach December 28, 2014

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