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A man's chest hair that grows in the pattern of a 70's leisure suit, thus looking like he is wearing a tuxedo...even though he has no shirt.
Friend 1: So how did your date go last night?

Friend 2: Everything was fine until we went swimming and I saw that he was rockin a hairy tuxedo.
by Punkrckrmommy January 16, 2009
Drinking while alone

Committing the act of being trashed while by yourself

See also: D.W.A.N.E- Drinking While Alone on New Years Eve

The act of being so pathetic that you are alone and drinking on New Years Eve
"Hey did you see Tex on New Years Eve?"
"Ha! Hell no I didn't! You know his pathetic ass was sitting at home with a DWA on New Years!
by Punkrckrmommy December 31, 2010
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