Dont Touch My Balls!!!!
im not doing anything whoa DONT TAZE ME BRO aHHHHHH!! (DTMB)

Dont touch my balls you skank >:( (DTMB)
by Plunkett/Dappen September 21, 2007
Acronym for "Don't tase me, bro".

Often used by someone who is a victim of an unprovoked physical attack. Popularized by that kid that got tased for being annoying at that John Kerry speech.
Cop: "Drop your pants and spread your cheeks"
Victim: DTMB!
by Artard McGee September 19, 2007
dtmb:Don't tase me bro
used by the UF student that was tased on national tv
student: dtmb
cop: stfu dumbass and get ur ass out
by giggster January 13, 2008
Dance Too Much Booty In The Pants. A.K.A.: When white kids act ghetto as fuh.
White Boy:Yo breh breh, i finna go DTMB on dat boi right der!
White Girl:Aight, you crazy dawg!
by matt espo December 12, 2007
acronym for don't tase me bro
Andrew: I didn't do anything

Andrew: DTMB don't tase me owowowowowowowowoowoowowowo
by lolkekbur September 26, 2007
DTMB = don't taze me bro. Commonly used at John Kerry speeches.
"What did I do? What did I do? DTMB! Don't taze me, bro! Don't taze me! AAAGGGGGHHHHH OW OW OW OH MY GOD"
by lopzided September 24, 2007
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