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the ghetto hood way to say sacramento-made famous by mac dre
i live in macramento
by dbone January 04, 2006
when you challenge somebody to a fight;
also see catch a fade
i heard you talkin shit!! fade up homie!
by dbone January 05, 2006
you got problems or beef with somebody: 2.song by da peoples champ
i got plex with fool
by dbone January 03, 2006
dsl mean you have Dick Sucking Lips
Damn that girl got dsl!!!!!!!!
by dbone February 03, 2006
gettin yor ass beat down
or geettin high as a kite
i never be gettin fazed
i always be gettin fazed
by dbone January 05, 2006
its when you shit and poop gets caught in your asshair and hardens.

a dingleberry can go unnoticed
by dbone January 03, 2006

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