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Dick Suckin Lips basically.
"Dayummmm.. she had great DSL"
by tufyguhj November 09, 2006
Girls from Jersey are absolutly diffrent than just normal girls. Jersey Girls create their own definition. Jersey Girls are about being the life of the party, and not giving a fuck who they are with, or where they are, they will still make the night rememorable in any way possible. Skanky? Yes they are, but they have the attitude to make you love them. They don't view life as hell, they view life as a huge party, and they're going to take risks more than be controlled and reserved.

They're all damn gorgeous in their own way. Caked make up, fucked up multicolored hair, doesn't matter, they all have a look and they know how to work it.
Whitney Houston - Crazy as hell bitch, but she's sexy in her own way.

Martha Stewart - She's fabulous, so what if she was in jail? She was still running circles around people in the business industry, and she knows how to play them.

they're New Jersey Girls
by tufyguhj November 10, 2006

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