Stands for digital subscriber line.

"Line" was replaced with "loop" quite recently.

A family of computers that share a connection over their companies local telephone network and allow for the transmission of digital data. A step up from ole dial up, however...

Largely considered (and is, actually) inferior to cable, T1, fiber optic, etc, however, people still use it.
I wanted a faster internet connection, so I switched my ISP to something that provided higher speed internet over a cable line.

Hey, somebody's got to preserve whatever dignity this acronym has left.

DSL=Digital Subscribing Line. Don't forget it.
by Mr. Sacman June 26, 2009
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this means dick sucking lips
Missy Elliot has DSL.
by Tray March 23, 2005
1. Digital Subscriber Line
2. Dick Sucking Lips
1. Person: "I finally have dsl now...fuck dial-up!"
2. Guy: "Damn Angelina Jolie sure has a nice set of dsl."
by Katopolis February 13, 2005
DSL's are full, luscious lips that engulf your weiner with little to no trouble at all.
When I first saw those DSL's, the first thing that came to my mind was "Can I stick my dick in your mouth?"
by Havor October 10, 2005
A rare drug that has the opposite effects of LSD. Common effects include removal of bright colors, serious thoughts, slow loading times, and hearing of dial tones.
"Have some DSL." "The diial tone... It's not a hallucination, maaan!"
by Ayeraw December 12, 2008
dick sucking lips, oh yeah
BRatZ dolls... perfect example of DSL
by Kiwii October 13, 2005
Keisha had me cumming fast with her DSL
by Phred May 23, 2004
abbreviation for:DICK SUCKING LIPS
Man Sarah has got some mad DSL yo!
by Symple666 April 19, 2005

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