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Defense Of Marriage Act: An Orwellian term for a law that does the exact opposite of what the title implies, rather than defending marriage it denies some people the right to marry
religious zealot: "Thank God for the Defense of Marriage Act, now my marriage is being defended I never have to worry about divorce or anything like that."

gay man: "You dumbass the DOMA doesn't defend anybodies marriage it just says that if my husband and I ever leave Massachusetts other states don't have to recognize our marriage."
by Mr.Juan-derful August 01, 2010
"defense of marriage act"
a legistative act that has been passed by many states so as to limit the civil rights of lesbians and gays.
"the doma totally fucking sucks."
by kaia November 19, 2003
Stands for the Defense of Marriage Act. It WAS the bullshit law that said that GLBT couples cannot have federally recognized marriages,denying them thousands of benefits,way too many to list. This bullshit was officially struck down on June 26,2013,to the delight of the GLBT community. On this day,the GLBTs of the world and the community's allies celebrated.(Myself being one of them.)
Ding dong, DOMA is gone!
by TheOperaSoprano June 26, 2013
Stands for "Defense of Marriage Act", a 1996 law that discriminates against same-sex couples. Section 3 of DOMA, which defines marriage as "heterosexual couples only" and denies federal benefits to gay couples, was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013. While many Democrats praised DOMA's end, they forgot to mention that they voted for it.
Person 1: "Bill Clinton sure was happy that DOMA was struck down."
Person 2: "Yeah, but he was the one who signed it..."
by mad5793 June 29, 2013
"Fuck your mum", very offensive if misdirected at a Vietnamese speaker, and mildly offensive or even playful among familiars.

Origin: Vietnamese - common usage amongst Caucasians noted in the Springvale area.
"What the hell? Do ma!" - surprise, disdain

"Do ma fuck you!" - affectionate playful jibe

"Do ma mae" - this person seriously has nothing to say, and simply emitted this sequence of sounds out of habit.
by Marty November 26, 2004
"Drunk off my ass." IE being under the influence of too much alcohol.
Yo Alex let's go to that party alright man. I already plan on getting DOMA as well as hitting the bong.
by Mark H March 15, 2004
Like dickhead, or fuckhead, and slightly Vietnamease. You get pissed off, you call someone a doma.
Your fucking doma in the head.
What a doma and a half.
Fucking doma.
by Domahead December 09, 2003
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