Luckiest Counter-Strike player on the face of the planet.
You got Doma'D!
by bc April 09, 2004
spanish slang word meaning "damn" used when something funny happens.
if someone were to get slapped or tripped or hit by another person you can say "DOMA!"
by Ryan April 19, 2005
the other definitions on this page are wrong. the word doma is a word from the czech language, the root word being "dum," (pronounced DOOM) meaning house, or home.

The Czech language uses case, different endings for verbs depending on their use in the sentence. Doma is the 6th case ending for dum, and it means "at home."
Ryan- "Hej vasku, kdy jsi?"
Vasek- "jsem doma."
Ryan- "pujdes do hospody?"
Vasek- "nemuzu, jsem nemocni."
Ryan "ty vole. tak.... cuss"

-Hey vaclav, where are you?
-I am at home.
-Will you go to the pub?
-I cant, I'm sick.
-You ox. so..... later.
by slyp December 10, 2004
A fat milk-less power-point face who loves a good bukaki session. He has a daily bukaki mannacure. He also loves a good donkey punch and is the close relative of the swamp donkey ( *look up swamp donkey*). He can be mistaken for a panda retarded panda bear
Doma with cheese and sauce
by Chesty-Laroo August 27, 2003
Commonly used as a descriptive word for stupid asians who inhabit an english speaking country and refuse to learn the countries culture or customs.
man those fucken domas pissed on the toilet seat again
by Maloneys hotel May 08, 2008

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