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A phrase describing the phenomina of dogs that look like their owners. Acroynm for "Dog Owner Look Alike." Oftentimes refered to as The DOLA-factor.
There is a high DOLA-Factor with that svelte woman and her greyhound.
by BeanDip4All September 24, 2007
Its origin lies in internet message boards. The term "dola" means to flagrantly post multiple times in a row (or even reply to your own message). It is widely believed that the intent of these "dola" posts is not to add any content to the subject of discussion, but instead to inflate the post count of the person posting the repeated messages. The term dola is not used in the actual action, but instead refers to the action itself.
<first message> Did you see that game last night? <very next message> Last night's game was the bomb! <very next message> So, did anyone watch or am I all alone here?
by . February 27, 2004
Money, Cash, Dolla.
Chris: Hey man, what's goin on today?
Jay: Not much man, just makin that dola.
by yellowfeather996 February 26, 2010
The act of posting two or more times in a row.
There goes JeeberD with another dola post.
by unknown August 05, 2003
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