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A term for marijuana.
Chris: Hey dude, you wanna eat some Fig Newtons later?
Zak: Sure!
by yellowfeather996 November 01, 2009
Taking resin hits off of a pipe.
Yeah, so after the party we just went back to the crib and tried playin notes.
by yellowfeather996 March 11, 2010
When you're high and you listen to music with very good quality. and you dance uncontrollably, and let your body take over. like hanging from a ceiling fan.
I love it when you get the hangin' from the ceiling feeling.
by yellowfeather996 April 09, 2010
Money, Cash, Dolla.
Chris: Hey man, what's goin on today?
Jay: Not much man, just makin that dola.
by yellowfeather996 February 26, 2010

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