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Correct defenition - a drug that is made inside of your body and gets released the moment you die. The chemicals are synthesized in a lab and sold for experimental use. It creates a very intense trip, in which you will "see the light" and feel as if you are dieing. The trip lasts under 10 mins, and is hands down the best body high you will ever feel.
That DMT was some crazy shit man! I'm never gonna be the same again...
by Snetti March 28, 2005
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intense, out of body experiancing molecule that will show you silhouettes of shoman. Indigenes beings, and complex patterns, tunnels and tunnels of complex patterns inside your brain. it will make you feel like youre not even a person anymore. youre just an energy and will show you a better way of life, if youre too scared to experiance the substance, i recommend something such as an isolation tank for a similiar experiance of finding different levels of consciousness.
i was rolling through tunnels of lights and patterns bouncing off the walls of my brain (on dmt). feeling as if someone else was growing inside of me pushing out of the top of my head and out of my arms
by smartart August 23, 2007
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Di-Methyl Triptamine is part of the active ingredient of Ayahuasca. Although the free-base version is considered a class A narcotic when a Currandero Shaman was caught in the US transporting the brew into the states. He stood trial and was released under the grounds of religious freedom.
Since then, if one is caught with Ayahuasca most law officials in North America will not interfere with the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca.
He drank it at the ceremony (DMT) and at first there was nothing for a hour and a half. Then he saw flashed behind my eyes which turned into the place where visionary art comes from. It was bright and friendly but then turned dark and the voices that bitch in your head became loud and the visions turned into the grey mercurial blobs that Terence Mckenna was talking about but as the process moved through and as the Currandero chanted the icaro (blessing) the blobs brust with love and he felt light and free.....he went from dark to light many time through many cycles........and he experienced weird things like dynamic time breakdown.....he was watching the currandero and became confused.....How many were in the room? There ought to be only one but he counted six.....It was Andre but it was him in many places at once doing many different things.....he saw him in six parts of time in one moment"
by Winknsmile May 18, 2012
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Dymethyltryptamine is a chemical compound that is extracted from various barks for recreational use. A spiritual use intended for various groups of people living within a conscious lifestyle. DMT is known for its extreme euphoric experience and bringing oneself to open their minds eye to the doors of perception. Users of the supplement (not drug), experience very real out of body encounters as well as various shapes colors and past/present/future settings.
Modern day Medicine-men, strictly devoted to only distributing and providing natural herbs, plants, and fungus as well as select chemical compounds, have been known to provide DMT to those looking for a spiritual and dream like experience.
by TheKreature420 January 23, 2012
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Psychedelic hallucinogen not as widely known as PCP or LSD. It is thought to be a rare drug only obtainable from long-time acid heads in their mid-60s, but it is actually a lot easier to find than most people think. Plants such as Ayahuasca, and many other flowers and shrubs, contain an amount of DMT. Many of these plants are easily obtainable in a flower shop or nursery. DMT is illegal in its smokable crystalline form, but the plants that contain it are perfectly legal.
Look up a list of psychedelic plants somewhere to find out what kinds of plants contain DMT. There are at least 20 different ones, most of them are flowers that are probably easily available in nurseries.
by reddevilspal March 20, 2008
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text abbreviation for "diabolical mustache twist"
I plan on running Travis off the road tonight so I can be called in to cover his shift on overtime. dmt
by Donaldbain April 04, 2011
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Probably the rarest hallucinogen available today; as illegal as heroin. Gives a short, intense trip in which the user feels extremely elated and may experience hallucinations and a body high similar to that given by shrooms, but is not disoriented and is able to speak and carry on conversations. Trips last from 5-30 minutes depending on the amount ingested (it is usually smoked). After the trip, the user feels ecstatic and elevated for hours. The high afterward is absolutely unmatchable. It is difficult to become addicted to DMT since it is so hard to find and has no addictive properties.

It is speculated that DMT is the chemical your brain releases in copious amounts during near-death experiences and at the time of death.
After I tripped on DMT I was too psyched on life to sleep.
by trippin all over June 18, 2009
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