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Monument is a small truck-stop town in Colorado located roughly in between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. To the citizens of Monument, this place is known for the excess of preps, white trash, a huge pop-punk music scene, and bitchy people complaining about how they don't like some aspect of this town(like me). If you ever visit Monument, tourist attractions are:
-Getting drunk
-Getting high
-Having sex
-Getting drunk, high, and having sex on Mt. Herman.
1. Wow, the music in Monument all sounds the same. Let's go camping on Mt. Herman.
2. Typical Monument kid: "omg I hate Monument ther iz nuthing to do lulz!!1"
by MikeB666 June 05, 2007
A street in Concord, California with a heavy Hispanic population
Que pasa? I grew up on Monument.
by 123banana May 11, 2011