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Di-Methyl Triptamine is part of the active ingredient of Ayahuasca. Although the free-base version is considered a class A narcotic when a Currandero Shaman was caught in the US transporting the brew into the states. He stood trial and was released under the grounds of religious freedom.
Since then, if one is caught with Ayahuasca most law officials in North America will not interfere with the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca.
He drank it at the ceremony (DMT) and at first there was nothing for a hour and a half. Then he saw flashed behind my eyes which turned into the place where visionary art comes from. It was bright and friendly but then turned dark and the voices that bitch in your head became loud and the visions turned into the grey mercurial blobs that Terence Mckenna was talking about but as the process moved through and as the Currandero chanted the icaro (blessing) the blobs brust with love and he felt light and free.....he went from dark to light many time through many cycles........and he experienced weird things like dynamic time breakdown.....he was watching the currandero and became confused.....How many were in the room? There ought to be only one but he counted six.....It was Andre but it was him in many places at once doing many different things.....he saw him in six parts of time in one moment"
by Winknsmile May 18, 2012

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