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Slang for "dick licking tongue".
Marcela has a DLT like no other.
by nessanarcissist May 01, 2009
Short for "Dorito Locos Tacos". Popular among stoners around fourthmeal.
Cheech: "Hey man, let's go get some DLTs man"
Chong:"Fuck yeah man, DLTs after Chinese Eyes man"
by Bringus January 15, 2016
DLTS stands for Driving Like Totally Stupid. It occurs when people are so stupid that they don't actually need to get drunk to mess up; therefore differentiating from DWI. DLTS ranges from mild to severe; it depends on the IQ or current mood of the driver.
Johnny: See that guy over there? He was arrested for DLTS. He was so stupid he didn't even need to be drunk.
Fred: God, what an asshole.
by Hyena Girl September 09, 2009
Acronym - short for Drunk Loud Talker, one who's voice volume increases by 15 decibels or more upon consumption of alcoholic substances. Pitch and tone can remain heightened or flat, however rate of delivery will increase as well.

Said person could also be a conversation hi-jacker.
"Bro I can barely get a word in with Sally over there at the bar."
"Relax bro, she's just a DLT."
by Jackson Hall December 30, 2008
Dirty Little Tramp; skank
She is such a DLT! Did you see her acting like a skank yesterday?
by Rachel October 03, 2004
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