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Latina girl who doesn't take any crap
often feisty and headstrong
beautiful and smart
Como se llama?
by loas April 25, 2009
A beautiful Brunette with a nice, recognizable ass. Usually Very funny, Latina, and a Fun Person.
"Ohhhh. That Girl has a ass like Marcela."
by hellaloveher December 26, 2009
Beauty, grace and intelligence! Very talkative, friendly and charming.Can't take your eyes of her. A true Goodness ;)
I love that girl. It's all I ever wanted. She is my Marcela.
by unicole February 07, 2010
A Marcela may be sometimes feisty. She is kind and generous. If you ever get to talk to one, you'll be delighted by the conversation. She may be a bit lazy, but is a really hard-worker.

Whoever she is with, is lucky to be with her. You should be careful, for there will be others who will try to take her away from you. You'd call her 'precious gold' because really, that's how important and rare to find she is. She is quite beautiful, despite her thinking of not being.

A Marcela has a great personality. She may be very stubborn. Emphasis on the word 'Very'. She is quite strong, though she may think she is not. She has her problems, just like any other does. But... if she has a problem, she won't say anything unless she thinks it's okay to say. She tends to worry (sometimes very much) about others, this is because she is caring. She doesn't like people worrying about her.

Yes, a Marcela is very intelligent and beautiful. Just as she is beautiful, so are her eyes. She doesn't take compliments very well. She may have problems with her self-esteem. She gets complimented most on her amazing hand-writing and radiant eyes. Very unique, is what people around her think. So if you ever get to meet a Marcela, consider yourself lucky, for she is one of a kind, and hard to find.
Marcela is a wonderful person!

Wow... I feel so lucky to have her as my wife. She is truly amazing.
by Unanimous~ March 16, 2014
She is a very stubborn person but she is caring loving and beautiful even though she may think she isn't. She has a very recognizable ass. She is a Latin girl with perfect hair. She is very talkative and she has a warm heart! She is unique!
"If you ever meet a Marcela you would be the luckiest person in the world!
by Lola shine June 17, 2015
doubles her sex count every time she moves countries, often in the first weeks and with people she doesnt know.
wow, marcela just met him!
by john blogs August 27, 2008
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