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Latina girl who doesn't take any crap
often feisty and headstrong
beautiful and smart
Como se llama?
by loas April 25, 2009
616 140
A beautiful Brunette with a nice, recognizable ass. Usually Very funny, Latina, and a Fun Person.
"Ohhhh. That Girl has a ass like Marcela."
by hellaloveher December 26, 2009
435 109
Beauty, grace and intelligence! Very talkative, friendly and charming.Can't take your eyes of her. A true Goodness ;)
I love that girl. It's all I ever wanted. She is my Marcela.
by unicole February 07, 2010
348 73
doubles her sex count every time she moves countries, often in the first weeks and with people she doesnt know.
wow, marcela just met him!
by john blogs August 27, 2008
97 287