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Abbreviation for David Jones...

A large, fancy department store much like Myer located in Australia
"Wow, that dress is stunning!"

"Thanks, its Mink Pink.. I saw it for 160 dollars in DJ's but got it from Envi at 150 dollars and went to buy myself a cowbell with the change"
by dove0 April 28, 2009
(Dubai Jerk Syndrome): a disease breaking out faster than fire in the woods, it hits the 20something to 30something Dubai guy, usually a clean, lean metrosexual looking dude, and is also a self-confessed player, thinking it's cool to have 2398 friends on facebook, and 98 picture albums of him and his "bitches" in a flashy club, acting like dumbass drunkards. Said infected guy, also usually walks like a homosexual, talks like a homosexual, dances like a homosexual... but doesn't admit to being one.

A guy with DJS also can't hold a coherent conversation for longer than 10 minutes, on average, before wanting to "fool around", which is a mere excuse for his lack of conversational skills.
1- "hmmm..so you met him in dubai , are u sure he doesn't have the DJS disease? it's an epidemic , btw"

2- "i'm sorry babe looks like your bf has the DJS"

by togetheragainstDJS July 10, 2008