The Black version of Guitar Hero
Now instead of Guitar Hero's rock hits, DJ Hero sports hip hop, dance, and rap
by BlackPowderMinusTheD December 28, 2009
Top Definition
A common way for a female to masturbate. Rubbing of the downstairs similar to motions from the game DJ Hero.

Jeff: Hey bro, my parents caught my sister playing some DJ Hero in her room...guess your going to prom alone.

Doug: Damn..


Marky Mark: Every girl should play DJ Hero!
by mdubbs10 January 04, 2011
The way a girl plays with her clitoris. The back and fourth motion resembles the way a dj scratches records.
Porn stars play dj hero for a living.
by chillbr0000 January 22, 2010
The act of female masturbation. The female's hand imitates the motion of a DJ scratching a turntable.
"We were totally hooking up, but she wasn't comfortable with me touching her so she started playing DJ Hero. Right on top of me."


Guy A: "I walked in on your sister playing DJ Hero last night. Shit got weird."

Guy B: "We don't own DJ Hero, or Guitar Hero even. And why would that be weir- oh. wait. shit. That is weird."
by PBAD May 04, 2010
what you say to a girl when you want to see her masterbate, or she just disrespected you.

flick your bean pussy
Ex. 1

Layton- "ughh girl DJ Hero that pussy right now!"

Ex. 2
Kenzi- "Fuck you Layton! You think your hot shit!"

Layton- "Bitch please go DJ Hero your fucking pussy!"
by LL-Big stix December 02, 2009
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