"deh" is a word (adj, noun, verb, pronoun, addverb, ect.) that is used by complete assholes when they cannot think of anything else to say in a conversation, simply because they are stupid and/or don't have the balls to tell you what they really feel!
"Mariana i DEHIN' hate you so much"


"deh you, you mother deh-er!"
by DEHMASTER July 10, 2008
pimp, legend, god, maniac, tuff
i hate that nigger deh, he macked my bitch and then made her a hoe.
by murry_187 October 19, 2005
deh means don't in Gala/Langlee/south Scottish dialects
'deh beil' - 'don't go in a mood'/ 'get over it'
by GYB2k8 May 30, 2008
the spanish equivalent of "um" or "uh"
Can you please give me deh homework assignment?
by tongsong511 January 12, 2005

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